László Márton Tóth - Phd defense

October 12, 2018

The Department of Mathematics and its Applications cordially invites  you to the public defense of Márton László Tóth’s  Phd thesis. 

The title of his PhD thesis: Limiting Techniques in Measured Group Theory       

 The members of the Committee:

 Chair: Károly Böröczky  (CEU/Rényi Institute, Budapest,) - voting member

 Supervisor: Miklós Abért (Rényi Institute) - non voting members

 Examiner 1: Gábor Elek (Lancaster University ) - voting member

 Examiner 2: Bálint Virág (University of Toronto) - voting member

 The defense will take place at Central European University, Nádor u. 9 , Room 201  on Monday 15th Oct 2018 at 2 pm.