Pál Hegedűs (faculty): Higher Lie characters and cyclic descent extensions

January 27, 2020

On Monday, February 10, at 10.15 am, our faculty, Pál Hegedűs  will give a lecture at the Renyi Institute.    The lecture will be held in the Big hall.


Higher Lie characters of the symmetric group are induced from one dimensional characters of centralizers.

An old problem of Thrall is to provide an explicit interpretation of the multiplicities of the irreducible constituents.  

A cyclic extension of the classical descent statistic has been defined by Cellini for the full symmetric group.

In general little is known about proper subsets that carry such an extension.

Using works of Gessel and Reutenauer and of Adin, Reiner and Roichman We present a full characterization of the conjugacy classes of the symmetric group which carry a cyclic extension of the descent statistic.


The talk is based on a joint work with Yuval Roichman.