Functional Analysis and Differential Equations

Course Description: 

Brief introduction to the course: The basic definitions and results of functional analysis will be presented about Hilbert spaces and Banach spaces including Lp spaces, and applications to problems involving differential equations will be discussed.

The goals of the course: The main goal of the course is to provide important tools of functional analysis and to illustrate their applicability to the theory of differential equations.

Learning Outcomes: 

The learning outcomes of the course: By the end of the course, students areexperts on the topic of the course, and how to use these methods to solve specific problems. In addition, they develop some special expertise in the topics covered, which they can use efficiently in other mathematical fields, and in applications, as well. They also learn how the topic of the course is interconnected to various other fields in mathematics, and in science, in general


Regular homework, and presentation or final


Real analysis, Basic algebra 1