Doctoral Program

The CEU Mathematics Department offers a PhD program in Mathematics and its Applications, accredited in the US, in cooperation with the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, home of Abel Prize laureate Endre Szemerédi. In order to broaden the perspectives for students, the department collaborates closely with other Departments (Network Science, Economics) at CEU, and  universities in Budapest. Upon graduation, the PhD program enables students to become mature scientists or high profile professionals.

As a community of students, faculty and staff, the Department of Mathematics and its Applications is committed to academic freedom, equal access to education and collegial self-governance. Our ultimate aim is to enable our diverse student body to become successful and influential professional scientists in the future social and academic life of their home countries and abroad.

 Doctoral (PhD) Program Structure and Graduation Requirements

Degree offered: PhD in Mathematics and its Applications

Length of study: 3 – 6 years

Graduation requirements: 90 credits (36 course credits for grade + 52 research credits+ 2 credits extracurricular activity), and courses for audit worth 6 credits, and dissertation.

Language of instruction: English


We offer courses in several fields, such as algebra, algebraic geometry, approximation theory, combinatorics, financial mathematics, convex geometry, geometric topology, information theory, mathematical logic and foundations, number theory,  ordinary and partial differential equations, probability theory and stochastic processes (see below). We assume flexibility in choosing elective courses. Our offer exceeds the demand and not all the courses are taken by a given student. On the other hand, further elective courses may be added to the list, depending on the specific interests of the students. On occasion we offer special courses on contemporary applications of mathematics.

Mandatory Courses

M1 Topics in Algebra (Fall term)
M2 Topics in Analysis (Fall term)
M3 Topics in Combinatorics (Winter term)
M4 Topics in Topology and Geometry (Winter term)