MS Alumni

Class of 2016

Trevor Chilombo CHIMPINDE (Zambia): Maximal Subgroups and Character Theory

 Ayan MAITI (India): Base size of finite primitive solvable permutation groups  

 Kinga TIKOSI (Romania): Merton's Portfolio Problem

Class of 2015

Apratim DE (India): Hille-Yosida Theorem and some Applications

Hakan DOGA (Turkey): Knot Concordance Groups and Their Relations

Francisco Gonzales de COSSIO (Mexico): First-order Differential Inclusions Governed by Maximal Monotone Operators

Beka ERGEMLIDZE (Georgia) : Characterizing of digraphs with every edge in a fixed number of cycles

Abhishek METHUKU (India): On the size of the largest P-free families

Denis NAGOVITCYN (Russian Federation): Pathwise approximation of the Feynman-Kac formula

Nika SALIA (Georgia): Graphs with Isomorphic DFS Spanning Trees  

Yao WANG ( China): Sums of p-th Roots of Unity

Class of 2014

Elona FETAHU, (Albania): On Semigroups Of Linear Operators

Aziz ISSAKA, (Ghana): Some Results on Two Asymptotic Series of Ramanujan

Mate KOVACS  (Hungary): Symmetry and Structure of graphs

Viktoriya ROMANCHUK (Russian Federation): The Bieberbach Conjecture

Class of 2013

Giorgi NADIRADZE (Georgia): Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree

Anton PEREPELYUK  (Ukraine): On distribution of prime numbers

Hai Thi TRINH ( Viet Nam): Proximal point algorithms

Anastasiia ZALASHKO (Ukraine): Empirical Pricing of American Options

Alexander ZIMIN (Russian Federation): Online Learning in Markovian Decision Processes


Class of 2012

Osman E. ALI (Ethiopia): On Variational and Hemivariational Inequalities

Levan BEZHANISHVILI (Georgia): Algorithmic and computational questions concerning matrices

Yuriy HULOVATYY (Ukraine): Extremal Combinatorial Problems in Relational Databases

Siddharth MATHUR (India), PhD Student, Washington University: Lubin-Tate Extensions and Local Class Field Theory. An Explicit Consturction of the Artin Map

Christoph PFISTER (Switzerland): On Dynamic Systems and Control

Zsolt SZABÓ (Hungary), PhD Student, University of Singapore: EM algorithm and its applications for mixture models

Johannes WACHS (Germany / USA): The Geometry and Algebra of Spherical Spaces

Class of 2011

Alexander DIBERT (Russian Federation): Generalized secret sharing

Daniel GLASSCOCK (USA), PhD Student, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio: Sumset Estimates in Abelian Groups

Scott KENSELL (USA), PhD Student, Central European University, Budapest: Intersection of longest paths 

Taqseer KHAN (India): Distributive Lattices

Miklós PÁLFIA (Hungary), PhD, Lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics:  On Affine Matrix Means

Casey TOMPKINS (USA), PhD Student, Central European University, Budapest: Generalizations of Classical Theorems in Extremal Set Theory

Class of 2010

Siarhei CHARNYI (Belarus): Solving Maximin Problem by Decomposition to Smooth and Nonsmooth Problems

Anna KURDYUKOVA (Russian Federation): Factor Models

Kalina MINCEVA (Bulgaria), PhD student, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Automorphisms of non-Abelian p-groups 

Joel RAVELOMANANTSOA-RATSIMIHAH (Madagascar), Fellow, United Nations University, International Institute for Software Technology in Macau: Understanding Definability in First-Order Logic

Balazs SZIKLAI (Hungary), Researcher, Institute of Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences: On The Symmetry of Finite Pseudorandom Binary Sequences