The Department of Mathematics and its Applications strives to offer highest level Masters programs in English offering courses and supervision within several branches of pure and applied mathematics, computer science and financial mathematics. The MS programs hosted in Vienna are built on the dynamic scientific life in both Vienna and in Budapest. We also have strong inter-departmental bonds with the Departments of Economics, Network and Data Science and Cognitive Science within CEU.

Our ultimate aim is to enable our diverse student body to become successful and influential professionals in the Industrial or Academic world. Qualified Female Candidates are encouraged to apply.

Alumni Success Stories

Kalina Mincheva

Kalina Mincheva received her MS in Department of Mathematics in 2010. 

Now she is  Gibbs Assistant Professor at the department of mathematics at Yale University.

Peter Jossen

Peter Jossen defended his PhD thesis in 2010. 

He is a full professor at ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

Máté Mánfay

Máté Mánfay received his PhD  in Department of Mathematics from CEU in 2014.

Since 2014 Máté works at Goldman Sachs, in London. Now he is the Executive Director - Fixed Income Strategist


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