TALKS: 45 minutes + 5 minutes discussion, location: Nador utca 13, 118

LUNCH: Nador utca 9, Cafeteria (enter from corner of Zrinyi utca and Nador utca)

REGISTRATION + Coffee Break + Wine&Cheese: Nador utca 15, Lower Foyer 



10.00-11.10 Registration


11.10-12.00 Karoly Boroczky

On the Lp dual Minkowski problem

12.00-13.30 Lunch


14.00-14.50 Laszlo Szekelyhidi

Convex integration in fluid dynamics

14.50-15.20 Coffee Break


15.20-16.10 Martina Hoffmanova

Stationary solutions to stochastic compressible Navier-Stokes system

16.10-17.00 Nicusor Costea

Producing bounded Palais-Smale sequences for locally Lipschitz functionals and applications to PDE's

17.00-17.50 Miklos Rasonyi

On fixed gain recursive estimators with discontinuity in the parameters

18.00-19.30 Wine and Cheese




THURSDAY,  April 5


9.00-9.50 Eduard Feireisl

On weak (measure-valued) solution approach to problem in fluid mechanics

9.50-10.20 Coffee break


10.20-11.10 Elisabetta Rocca

Dissipative solutions for a hyperbolic system arising in liquid crystals modeling

11.10-12.00 Sara Danieri

The Cauchy problem for dissipative solutions of the Euler  equations up to Onsager's critical exponent

12.00-13.30 Lunch


14.00-14.50 Gheorghe Morosanu

Approximate solutions to the telegraph differential system

14.50-15.20 Coffee Break


15.20-16.10 Mihai Mihailescu

Problems Involving Rapidly Growing Operators in Divergence Form

16.10-17.00 Tihomir Gyulov

Existence of solutions to a model for option valuation in a market with switching liquidity



FRIDAY,  April 6


9.00-9.50 Istvan Farago

Qualitatively reliable numerical models of time-dependent problems with applications

9.50-10.20 Coffee break


10.20-11.10 Paul Georgescu

The global dynamics of a HIV transmission model with high risk groups

11.10-12.00 Alexandru Kristaly

Sobolev inequalities on curved spaces: sharpness, volume non-collapsing and rigidities

12.00-13.30 Lunch