Program Structure and Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

The distribution of credits required for graduation is shown in the following table:

Total (a + b) - 60 credits

a. Coursework - 45 credits

  • Mandatory Courses - 21 credits
  • Elective Courses - 24 credits

b. Research + Thesis 5 + 10 = 15 credits 

The 5 research credits mentioned in the above table are obtained as follows.

  • First Year: the Winter MS Seminar (Pass/Fail), 1 credit,
  • First Year: the Spring MS Seminar (Pass/Fail), 1 credit,
  • Second Year: the Winter MS Seminar (Pass/Fail), 2 credits
  • Second Year: the MS thesis proposal, 1 credit.

Mandatory courses are described in this Handbook below, and the list of elective courses is contained in a separate file.

The minimum passing grade for every exam, including thesis, is C+ (worth 2.33). Course grades count towards the final Grade Point Average (GPA) as per credit and constitute 75% of the final GPA. More precisely, the

Final GPA = 0.75 ×ånigi/ åni  + 0.25 × thesis grade,

where nirepresents the number of credits attributed to course ci and gi is the grade obtained in the corresponding exam.

The minimum final GPA required for the M.S. degree is 2.67.  Note that our university uses the US credit system.

All MS students are required to take the Latex for Mathematicians course in the First Year, and the Thesis Writing course in the Second Year, as a preparation for their thesis.

All MS students are required to attend the Winter MS Seminar, which aims to introduce students to various topics in mathematics and its applications, and facilitate their research work toward the MS Thesis (see Section Thesis below).Students are expected to give a talk, or to prepare the notes, possible in a group, about a talk given at the Winter MS Seminar.

First year MS students are required to attend the Spring MS Seminar, which prepares them to do independent work on understanding a topic.

In addition, all MS students are required to attend the Departmental Colloquiums, where they learn about important areas of Mathematics and its Applications.

Second year M.S. students are required to write a preliminary thesis proposal of 3-5 pages.

As a final condition for graduation, M.S. students are required to write a thesis (worth 10 credits) which is defended by the end of the program. The thesis must be submitted 3 weeks before the defense. The defense comprises the presentation of the thesis as well as a comprehensive exam on the area of the thesis, covering the material of 3 courses, including at least 2 electives (either 3 electives or 2 electives + 1mandatory).

Specific assessment methods, including specific homework assignments, computer simulations, classroom presentations on various topics, etc. may be required by instructors, depending on the nature of the course.

For general CEU regulations, visit: This includes in particular standards and assessment techniques.

Remark. Our M.S. program is in line with the standards of the European Union, taking into account that 1 CEU credit = 2 ECTS credits.

Mandatory Courses

We offer non-credit introductory bridge courses or tutorial help to help first year M.S. students meet the level required by the program.

First Year, Fall term

M1. Basic Algebra 1

M2. Real Analysis

M3. Introduction to Computer Science

M4. Probability 1

First Year, Winter term

M5. Basic Algebra 2

M6. Complex Function Theory

M7. Functional Analysis and Differential Equations