Our faculty members and students are involved in major research areas of pure and applied mathematics, such as: algebra, algebraic geometry, bioinformatics, calculus of variations, computational biology, cryptography, discrete mathematics, evolutions equations, fluid mechanics, geometry, number theory, numerical analysis, optimization, ordinary and partial differential equations, probability theory, quantum mechanics, statistics, stochastic processes.

Our cooperation with several local institutes is very beneficial to our department. We also benefit from the visits of many outstanding scholars from abroad. Among them were: H. Brézis (Paris VI and Rutgers University), C. Carstensen (Humboldt University, Berlin), C. Corduneanu (University of Texas at Arlington), E. Feireisl (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague), Peter D. Lax (Courant Institute, New York), S. A. Tersian (University of Rousse, Bulgaria). It is worth pointing out that every year our department hosts visiting fellows.