MS Theses


  • Yuriy Hulovatyy: Extremal Combinatorial Problems in Relational Databases
  • Siddharth Mathur: Local Class Field Theory and Lubin-Tate Extensions: An Explicit Construction of the Artin Map
  • Osman E. Ali: On Variational and Hemivariational Inequalities
  • Christoph Pfister:On Dynamic Systems and Control
  • Johannes Wachs: The Geometry and Algebra of Spherical Spaces
  • Levan Bezhanishvili: Algorithmic and Computational Questions Concerning Matrices
  • Zsolt Szabó: EM algorithm and its applications for mixture models


  • Alexander Dibert: Generalized secret sharing
  • Daniel Glasscock: Sumset Estimates in Abelian Group
  • Scott Kensell: Intersection of longest paths
  • Taqseer Khan: Distributive Lattices
  • Miklos Pálfia: On Affine Matrix Means
  • Casey Tompikins: Generalizations of Classical Theorems in Extremal Set Theory


  • Kurdyukova Anna: Factor models
  • Joel Ravelomanantsoa-Ratsimihah: Understanding Denability in First-Order Logic
  • Kalina Mincheva: Automorphisms of non-Abelian p-groups
  • Balázs Sziklai: On the symmetry of finite pseudorandom binary sequences
  • Sergey Charnyi: Solving Maximin Problem by Decomposition to Smooth and Nonsmooth Problems