PhD theses


  • LÁSZLÓ, Tamás - Lattice cohomology and Seiberg - Witten invariants of normal surface singularities
  • AHSAN, Muhammad - Existence, Regularity and Perturbation Theory for Some Semilinear Di_erential Equations in Hilbert Spaces
  • ANDRUS, Ivan - Transposable Character Tables
  • GYENIS, Zalán - Finite categoricity and Non-atomicity of free algebras
  • SZÉCSI, Vajk - Problems From Extremal Combinatorics
  • VIZER, Máté - Decomposing omega-fold coverings
  • Existence, Regularity and PerturbationTheory for Some Semilinear Dierential Equations in Hilbert Spaces


  • CZISZTER, Kálmán - Improvements on the Noether bound for polynomial invariants of finite groups
  • LAPKOVA, Kostadinka - Class Number Problems for Quadratic Fields
  • PONGRÁCZ, András - Reducts of homogeneous relational structures
  • SZÖLLŐSY, Ferenc - Construction, classification and parametrization of complex Hadamard matrices


  • BOIKANYO, Oganeditse Aaron - Iterative Processes for Solving Nonlinear Operator Equations
  • GERGELY, M. Péter - From database theory to secret sharing
  • KŐMŰVES, Balázs - On computing Thom polynomials


  • GYULOV, Tihomir - Solvability of Some Nonlinear Fourth Order Boundary Value Problems
  • KRISTÁLY, Sándor - Economic Optimization Problems via Riemann-Finsler Geometry
  • HUSSAMI, Peter - Statistical inference on random graphs
  • MBELE BIDIMA, Martin Le Doux - Asymptotic Arbitrage Strategies for Long-Term Investments in Discrete-Time Financial Markets
  • MIHAILESCU, Mihai - Eigenvalue Problems for Some Elliptic Partial Differential Operators


  • BAIER, Thomas - A State Estimation Scheme for Finite Quantum Systems
  • HALASI, Zoltán - On the representations of solvable linear groups
  • HENK, Csaba - A model theoretic analysis of the Church-Turing Thesis
  • JOSSEN, Peter - On the arithmetic of 1-motives
  • KESZEGH, Balázs - Combinatorial and computational problems about points in the plane
  • SZENTMIKLÓSSY, Zoltán - Resolvability of topological spaces


  • PALMER, T. Cory - Edge-weightings and the chromatic number
  • LEMONS, W. Nathan - Turan Problems for Hypergraphs
  • GEORGESCU, Valeriu, Paul - On the validation, stability and control of certain biological systems
  • SERÉNY, András - Some results on Operator Semigroups and Applications to Evolution Problems


  • PATKÓS, Balázs - Problems in extremal finite set theory


  • MÁTRAI, Tamás - Hurewicz tests: separating and reducing analytic sets the conscious way